My Kinugawa stay.

Relax in the historic hot spring and enjoy seasonal delicacies.

Indulge in SPA, take a stroll, etc….

Enjoy your own Kinugawa story.

Hot-spring Cure to Experience Onsen Thoroughly

SPA/Refresh Stay

Enjoy walking and sightseeing

15:00 Check-in

First, refresh yourself by washing away travel fatigue.

A quick soak in a hot spring and refresh in a mist sauna

16:00 Post-bath Shaved Ice

Enjoy delicious shaved ice at our lounge overlooking the garden

17:00 To Grand Baths

“Kinugawa no Toride” and “Kinu no Yume” alternating for men and women at 20:00.

Half-body bathing in a refreshing open-air bath

18:30 Dinner

Start a delicious meal after bathing.

Sake goes well too.

21:00 Private Bath

After dinner, relax in your favorite private bath of your choice.

Soak in comfortable hot water while taking a rest.

5:00  Get Up Early for a Grand Bath

Wake up early and go to the other grand bath.

The point is not to take a long bath.

10:00  Check-out

The last stop after check-out is a footbath in front of the station. Your memorable onsen trip comes to the end

15:00 Check-in

After a short break in your room,

Get dressed in a yukata and head to the SPA!


Today is a reward trip for yourself.

A precious moment to relax and heal your body.

18:00  "Unwind" with a garden view

After SPA, take a deep breath of fresh air.

You are good to go for meal

18:30 Dinner

Each and every dish is beautifully crafted and elaborate.

You will be inspired to take instagrammable shots.

21:00 Big bath

Nothing is better than moon-viewing in an open-air bath.

Slow walking in a deep bath with a lightened body.

5:00  Early bird fitness

Wake up early for light workout.

Morning activity refreshes your brain!

7:00  A healthy breakfast to warm you up

Enjoy a delicious meal in the morning and recharge yourself.

10:00  check out

Beautiful seasonal nature detoxes your mind.

Enjoy a stroll around Kinugawa.

13:00 Leave your luggage and go for a stroll

Leave your luggage and go for a strollLeave your luggage and head to Onsen town.Enjoy eating and walking, and the beauty of the valley!Onsite parking lot is conveniently located.

17:00 check-in

Check in after exploring the area.

Start with a cup of Japanese tea in the spacious guest room.

18:00 Refresh yourself in the grand bath

Refresh yourself in the grand bath

18:30 Dinner

With a family, with a couple. Enjoy a pleasant dinner time and conversation. A variety of dining rooms promise a relaxing time.

21:00 Private bath

Five different types of private baths are all from the source.

Spend an enjoyable time alone with your family.

6:00  Kinugawa in the morning from a window

The hilltop view across mountains in the distance is unique to our hotel.

Kinugawa morning charm to enjoy in your room.

9:00 check out

Plenty to see around Kinugawa area. Check out early and head to the next spot