Scenery brings happiness

Scenery brings happiness

Ripples on the water tells blowing wind

Nostalgic mountain landscape with peaceful silence.

Rooms overlooking a splendid garden

Like a luxurious villa in the midst of beauty.

Enjoy reading a book by the window

While watching the occasional visit of small birds.

Guest Rooms (Annex)

Guest Rooms (Annex)

From Japanese-style rooms to Japanese-Western style rooms.

The elegant and quiet “Annex Seiryu”.

Choose your preferred room type to relax and enjoy your stay.


Some smoking rooms are available.

First class special guest room『Kamuri』

We use two special rooms on the first floor of the quiet annex Seiryu, which overlooks the Japanese garden,
There are 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, and a powder room in an 8-tatami Japanese-style room.
A very spacious special room with an area of 109 square meters.
Please use it for anniversaries and memorable trips.

size 109㎡
Capacity For 2-6 persons

2 bedrooms
2 toilets
Japanese style room 8 tatami mats
powder room

Seiryu First Floor Special Room

Spacious standard Japanese room with 10 tatami mats in the main room and 6 tatami mats in the next room

size 52㎡
Capacity For 2-4 persons


Ryuokyo Gorge in Kinugawa has long been said to be a place where dragon gods rage.
The garden of our hotel continues to the foot of the mountain behind Ryuokyo.
It is said that on the night of the full moon, the dragon god, who has accumulated energy, rises to the heavens from the waterfall in the center of the garden.
The name of the annex “Seiryu” is also associated with this legend.

size 52㎡
Capacity For 2-4 persons

No smoking in all rooms

Room Information

Capacity Capacity: 100 rooms (38 standard rooms / 28 rooms on relaxation floor in the main building / 30 rooms in the annex Shizuryu / other 4 rooms)
Check-in/out 15:00(Final check-in20:00)/10:00
Standard room facilities bidet toilet/air conditioning/LCD TV/refrigerator electric kettle/ion dryer/humidifier (winter season only)
Room Amenities Bath towel/face towel/shampoo/rinse/body soap Men’s and women’s cosmetics / toothbrush / razor / yukata / slippers

The Kinugawa River view is not available from the rooms due to hotel location.